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Seven clinical studies, conducted between 1999 and 2011 on 394 adults proved the efficacy of Lactium® on physiological and psychological parameters linked to stress.



The results of two studies by CRSSA (1) and BIOFORTIS (2), conducted in 2001 and 2011 respectively, demonstrated the clinical efficacy of Lactium®. The studies induced stress on the volunteers using the Stroop test, a psychological stress resistance test. This is a widely used technique, provoking mental conflict between the meaning of words (blue, green, yellow or red) and the color in which these words are actually written (Stroop, 1935). Two groups were created for each of these studies:

  • a "Placebo" group which was administered a placebo in the same quantities and at the same frequencies,
  • a "Lactium®" group, to which the researchers gave a dose of Lactium® at a pre-determined frequency. 


The CRSSA study was conducted over 30 days with the recommended dose of 150 mg/day of Lactium® on 52 volunteers in perfect health (25 men and 27 women aged 18 to 40, selected at random). The results following the Stroop test showed a reduction in blood pressure for the group which used Lactium®, the physiological response to stress being an increase in blood pressure.


Evolution of  the variation of Mean Blood Pressure during the Stroop stressing test

Sche Ma 1 Avec Le Gende


In 2011, the BIOFORTIS study went on to measure – under the same study conditions using the Stroop test – the difference in heart rate between the relaxation period (after stress) and the rest situation (prior to inducement of the stress). A better heart rate recovery was observed when taking Lactium® at 300mg/day for 15 days in 107 volunteers.


Evolution of the reactivity to the stress test after 15 days  for HR (variation between relaxation period and rest situation): variation from V1

Sche Ma 2 Avec Le Gende


(1)Lanoir D. (et Al.), Long term effects of a bovine milk alpha-S1 casein hydrolysate on healthy low and high stress responders.  Stress, 5 (suppl.), 124, (2002)
(2)Dr Abdul Samad F. (et. Al.), Evaluation of the effect of LACTIUM® 300 mg consumption. Unpublished, (2011)

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