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Used by a large number of consumers around the world, Lactium® is synonymous with well-being and better quality of life for many people. Find out what they have to say.



In 2003, Lactium® was the subject of a PROCLAIM study(1) into the perceptions of 63 people experiencing  issues with concentration, memory loss, quitting smoking, dieting, low morale, insomnia, etc.
By taking a 150mg dose of Lactium® once a day for a month, they experienced marked improvement in their ability to manage day-to-day stress.

Read some of their reactions:

Céline, 36 years old, unemployed: "With Lactium®, I feel less anxious and more comfortable with myself. I sleep more easily and feel less tired in the morning."


Emeline, 24 years old, student: "I feel less nervous and tense since I began taking Lactium® and I feel a lot more energetic. »


Patricia, 38 years old, employed: "I sleep longer and better. Everyday problems are now less important to me."


Émilie, 21 years old, student: "I felt a decrease in my usual stress level and didn’t experience any side-effect"


Michelle, 57 years old, retired: "In just a few days, Lactium® gives you a sense of well-being.  I feel calmer and more relaxed."


Lactium® efficacy on stress symptoms among stressed women, Proclaim(1)

Graphe Proclaim GB Haute Def

(1) Kim J.H. (et Al.), Efficacy of as1-casein hydrolysate on stress-related symptoms in women.European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1-6, (2006)

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