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Tackling Recurrent Stress

Are you constantly rushing between work, transport and kids? Does your employer regularly put you under pressure? Are you sometimes exhausted and on edge? It is time to rediscover your inner peace.



Although worn out, you cannot get to sleep or relax the night before a strategic meeting. You are impatient in your daily life and easily irritated by noise from the kids. You are on edge and feel tension in your upper back. You sometimes forget your meetings or your work due to lack of concentration...

During situations of prolonged anxiety, the body becomes tired and produces too much energy – and, in the long term, risks wearing out. The best solution is to respond by breaking this cycle at the first sign of symptoms (Test your stress level).



To better understand the reasons why you suffer from constant tension, try to list your responses for each of them. By identifying the sources, you will be better able to avoid or overcome them. You can then take measures to create a vital defense system for your well-being.



Taking Lactium® and following the advice of your  Personal Coach - Recurrent Stress Program - will help you better manage daily life and improve your well-being.

You may also choose to consult your primary care physician.

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Consumers tried Lactium®

Céline, 36 years old, unemployed: "With Lactium®, I feel less anxious and more comfortable with myself. I sleep more easily and feel less tired in the morning."

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